Thursday, 7 June, 2007

Another milestone anniversary....

Five years ago this week the first issue of Shipping Today was mailed to 500 subscribers. This week over 20,000 seafarers will read this 261st issue of Shipping Today—and by their request some 20,000 of their friends and colleagues as well.

When we started, five years ago, here's what we wrote: "The shipping in India is making waves and more horizons by way of newer type of vessels, cargoes and more activities apart from conventional ships like offshore vessels, drill ships and manning sector etc, there is a need for exploring the Indian Maritime Industry and here we are coming with our first issue. We endeavor our best to cater to the industry the current happenings, activities and the future in store."

We still are committed in fulfilling what we promised, along with some we hadn't anticipated five years ago. Although five years is a relatively short period of time when you talk about “tradition,” we believe that's what we've established among our readers because so many of you have told us we're the only information source you turn to first. And for that, we're very thankful and appreciative.

We had grand ideas when we started Shipping Today, wanting it to become the first place you turn to in order to stay up to date with the latest in the seafaring news, training updates, job opportunities, technology, and advertising. And, if what you tell us is true, we are succeeding in that endeavor.

Shipping Today has served as the information source and guide for seafarers across India and abroad since its inception in June 2002. Shipping Today offers the deepest coverage and analysis available on the Shipping Industry, most pertinent to the sailing community.

Recently we launched the e-paper edition of Shipping Today, a complete replica of a print magazine in the digital format and we stood be the World’s first Shipping magazine to bring out its e-paper edition in the history of maritime journalism. Our readers can now get their favorite magazine right onto their desktops, free of charge and that too even before the print edition is released in the market. Patrons can log on to and register free, to receive eShipping Today in their mail box week by week.

In the past years, even our site, web traffic has increased by more than 200 percent. And we'll have even more relevant, interactive features coming soon.

Since we began, our subscriber list has grown year by year, the number of advertisers has also increased significantly, and our page count has grown steadily. What all this means is that we're able to bring you more news and advertising that matters to you and what you've been asking to see.

Through all these years Shipping Today has been the beneficiary of contributions and support given by countless individuals, as well as many organizations and institutions. Among the persons/entities that deserve our thanks are the following:
Our readers, we say thank you for your support. Whether you've been with us for all 5 years or if this is your maiden perusal, we appreciate your patronage. Let us hear from you.

Our regular correspondents and free-lancers, whose stories and photographs enrich our magazine each and every week. We count on them more than they will ever know.

Our colleagues, past and present, for their cooperation and understanding through these years.

And a big thank you to our advertisers, without whom Shipping Today, would have been a bunch of journalists, without a publication.

And as we begin this 5th anniversary celebration, we look fondly on the past five years, but more than that, we look forward to the future. We are grateful for all the support for the past five years, and we plan to serve your needs for the next 50.

Happy Reading

Vikram Kharvi


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Sir,your Ideas may help me grow.

Life At Sea.

Nandkishore Gitte

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