Monday, 27 November, 2006

Thank you,

There in that country (US of A) they call it is "Thanks Giving Day" (November 23). They send gifts and greetings, saying "thanks" to all those
1. Who are important to them
2. Who have played an important role in their life
3. Who have helped them to grow professionally and
4. More importantly, those who have given few moments of their precious life (time) to them.
Aren't they crazy? If I speak to some traditional Asian or fundamentalist specifically from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Philippines…he will say that there is no need to have such days...such celebrations. We should not become western and adopt their culture.

In the era,
1. Where people disown their parents when they become old…or send them to old age home;
2. Where wife, sacrifice their career…her aspirations...her dreams and comforts to let her husband focus, concentrate, grow and reach new heights; and husband, when he become famous known and popular…the first thing he do dump his wife or keeping seeking a beautiful chick on every port;
3. Where we remember relatives and friends, only at the time when we need something.
We are…what, as we call in Hindi "Eshaan Faramosh" (Opportunistic).

History is a proof that people have killed their brothers, father and relatives to grab power. We have killed many relations to become famous, popular and wealthy…least to mention…"Friendship".

But there is no point in blaming our history, infact why not adopt the good from the western culture. There is no harm in being open to learning, that’s what our current week’s article on ‘Management Fundas’ teaches us.

Therefore taking the opportunity of "Thanks Giving Day", I was thinking…if I should also say, "Thanks" to those who are important to me? The first thing that came to my mind was the patrons of 'Shipping Today, without whom Shipping Today, would have not been where it is today. I sincerely Thank you, all sailors, their families and well-wishers for giving space to Shipping Today in your life.

And, lots of thanks to all those…who continuously keep sending appreciatory mails…thanks again. Such mails…motivate us. One more thing that I am eager to share with you all is that we are soon to relaunch our upgraded portal ''. This new portal will give a platform for employers and seafarers to connect and grow, which is what the mission of Shipping Today.

Thank you all again and happy reading

Vikram Kharvi
Shipping Today

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