Monday, 2 March, 2009

AET’s Code: Par Excellence

Excellence is a passion with American Eagle Tankers. Taking this philosophy to heart, AET chose “Operation Excellence” as its theme for its quarterly Officers’ seminar held recently at Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from January 19 to 22, 2009, where the company took the opportunity to honour its long standing staff as is usually done during such seminar and also launched its remarkable newsletter.

For the officers and their spouses who attended the seminar it was one great ‘all expenses paid’ holiday. As many would wish to call it - a five-day free holiday at an exotic tourist destination where each one enjoyed mixing business with pleasure.

“AET Senior Sea staff seminar is a platform for the exchange of ideas and to formulate company’s policies in the presence of the shore management along with its senior floating staff,” says Capt Fared Khan, Head Group HR Sea, AET Shipmanagement. “It is a place for interaction and bonding between the management and the Senior Sea staff.”

As has been a trend in AET, the conference was attended by the President and CEO Mr. Hor Weng Yew along with other senior company managers and their spouses.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC) and dealing in crude oil as well as in managing, operating and securing business for the fleet, AET uses seminars as another platform to give recognition to its officers with long standing service with the company honouring them with mementos and magnanimous gifts.

Mr Wee Teck Chee, Captain Premanathan Menon and Mr Lim Poh Whee have been with the company for more than three decades and Mr Leong Kee Yeen with 25 years of distinguished service were heartily congratulated and graciously honoured by the company. Next in line were 14 others officers having served for between 15 and 20 years, and others with 10 years of service were honoured with a similar show of appreciation and enthusiasm.

AET took the opportunity to launch SEASCAPE its first quarterly periodical devoted exclusively for its People. The magazine’s launch which took place at the hands of Mr. Amir Azizan, the C E O of MISC, was received with great interest and zest by all present and in particular by the sea staff.

Focusing on the strategy of the company Capt Rajesh Deshwal, Regional Manager – India said, “AET make a dynamic arm of MISC to become the World’s Leading Petroleum Tankers Operator (WLPTO).” MISC the parent company of AET deals in chemicals, containers and is the world’s largest LNG owner operator”.
“AET has new vessel deliveries lined up and on an average one ship will be added to our fleet every quarter until 2012. AET’s increasing tanker tonnage in times when most competitors are struggling to sustain themselves should be indication enough, not just to our own people but also to others in the industry that by being part of AET you have secured your future.”

“AET recruits 150 cadets annually to meet the growing demand for seafarers and about half of these are from India. All of them are trained at the Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM), AET’s Malaysian Maritime Academy. AET is particularly proud of its cadet training programme which involves over 600 candidates being prepared for the sea-life at a time. Some of these cadets were also involved in the conference, both as trainees and as part of the conference organising team.

Since training plays a major role for factoring in ‘Operational Excellence’ it was one of the highlights at the seminar. A few case studies along with the relevant investigative reports and studies were taken up in order to give participants an indepth understanding of the measures to be taken to prevent incidents, accidents and near misses.

The need for trained and competent manpower has now become a universal feature. AET has raised the bar on Maritime Education and Training by revising the learning system so that competence beyond compliance is being maintained.

Several other topics contributing to Operational Excellence were touched upon. Presentations focusing on both internal and industry were delivered by renowned external speakers. Significantly there were subjects on ship safety, international conventions, safety of navigation and services to the shipping community. There were also technical discussions that took place in great detail on machinery, bunker management and innovations in energy conservation. The conference included stimulating discussion on good practices, addressing the question, ‘Will today’s best practices be still valid tomorrow?’

Whenever an incident or accident occurred, the reaction of the media was considered. It was essential to remember when media publicity was desirable and when not. If it would be beneficial and how this could be ascertained was also deliberated upon.

From the feedback obtained, it was learnt that participants really appreciated the programme and found the seminar very beneficial owing to the wide range of topics that were discussed that helped to add to one’s knowledge and encourage better performance on board a ship. The interaction with the management and the content were both found to be useful and informative.
The location “Holiday Inn Glenn Marie Resort” was very congenial and excellent for the seminar and for sight seeing. The trip to the Sunway Lagoon – the most attractive tourist spot and the whole trip was well planned and organised as always.


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