Monday, 9 February, 2009

MSC Training Centre Inaugurated

MSC Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd. had the Inauguration of its Training Centre on January30, 2009, on the Third floor of MSC House, to address the issue of skill enhancement of seafarers on board MSC vessels. This value-added training will assist the staff in on-board work, handling of emergencies and better utilisation of resources. As this training is being undertaken in-house, it gives the flexibility to conduct focussed training, aimed at specific requirements.

This state-of-the-art Training Centre is a multi-million dollar investment with the latest and most sophisticated Full-Mission Bridge & Engine Simulators, Automation & Electrical labs, Classrooms with the latest audio-visual aids and all other necessary training facilities.

Mandatory courses include Regular and Refresher MEPC courses for Officers as well as ratings.

Value-added courses include :

The Engine Automation Course, EAC, deals with the Main Engine's control system. Software is used along with an in-house developed Main Engine Control System Trainer, that enables fault-finding to be conducted. Basic concepts of Control, including Proportional, Integral and Derivative action, can be understood on a Process Control Trainer.

The Programmable Logic Controllers, PLC, Course deals with the latest automation and control systems, as found on modern vessels, giving an opportunity to develop new skill-sets for ship's Engineers.

The Engine Room Management, ERM, course deals with the analysis and practical handling of Emergency situations faced on board. This not only uses Case Studies of actual situations, but also gives a 'hands-on' opportunity to practice handling of these emergency situations in a Simulator.

Ship Handling Simulator, SHS, course is a Simulator course for deck officers.

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