Monday, 6 August, 2007

Vacancies for the week: Aug 06, 2007

Hind Offshore
Class I & II Marine Engineer
Accommodation Barge/Rig Drillship Masters/ Safety Officers/ Radio Off
Electrical Eng/ Class IV Marine Engineers

Teekay Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd
Aframax, Crude & Product Tankers
Master,Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, 3rd Officer,
Tel: +91-022- 66324730/ 31/32/33

Star Maritime Services
Aframax Crude Oil Carriers:
Chief Officer, Electrical Off, Engine Fitter
Product/ Oil Carriers:
Chief Off, 2nd Off, 2nd Eng (with Oil & Chemical DCE)
Panamax Bulk Carriers:
Master, Chief Off, 3rd Off, Chief Eng,3rd Off & 2nd Eng
Panamax Flag Product/ Chemical Tanker:
Chief Eng (with Panama License & Oil DCE)
Tel: +91-022- 67254402

Naavex Marine Services
Offshore Supply Vessel AHTS/ DSV/ WLV:
Masters/ Chief Offs/ ETO, Jr. ETO, Bosun & Cooks
Tel: +91-022-26736611/ 55

Noha Marine Services
Master/ Chief Officer/ Chief Engineer/ 2nd Engineer/3rd Officer/ Electrical Officer
Tel: +91-022-65167065/ 63

The Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd
LPG Vessel:
Master/ Chief Off/ 2nd Off
3rd Off/ Chief Engineer/ 1st Asst Eng, 2nd Asst Eng, 3rd Asst Eng, Electrical Offs
Crude & Product Tankers:
Master/ Chief Off/ 2nd Off
3rd Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng
3rd Eng/ 4th Eng /Electrical Off
Master/ Chief Off/Chief Eng
4th Eng/ Electrical Off
Tel: +91-022-66613113

Great Offshore
Master/ Chief Off/ 2nd Off/ NWKO/ Senior DPO/ Junior DPO(Off with valid CoC (FG/NCV/CoS), Indian GMDSS can apply.
Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng/ Class IV Eng/ Electrical Off/ Electronic Off (Officers with MOT/NCV/CoS can apply)
Tel: +91-022-6635244/ 2145/ 2147

Five Star Bulk Carriers Pvt. Ltd
Bulk Carriers:
Chief Off/ 2nd Off/ Chief Eng
2nd Eng
Chief Eng
Tel: +91-022-40004000

Geepee Shipping Agencies Pvt. Ltd
Handy Size & Bulk Carriers:
Master/ Chief Off/ Chief Eng
2nd Eng (6 mths contract)
2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ 3rd Eng
4th Eng
Tel: +91-022-22873574/ 77/ 87

Bibby International Services
Chemical, Oil, Product Tankers & General Cargo:
Masters, C/E, C/O, 2/E & 3/O
Cruise Line:
3/E & 4/E
Product & Oil Tanker
C/O & 2/E
Multi Purpose/ Bulk/ General Cargo
Masters, C/O, C/E & 2/E
Tel: +91-022-26732628

Tanker Pacific Management (India) Pvt. Ltd
Masters/ Chief Eng/ Chief Offs/ 1st Asst. Engs, 2nd Off & 3rd Off (Engs with Steam Ship Exp)
Tel: +91-022- 26515995/ 26415757

Zodiac Maritime Agencies (London)
Cape Size Bulk Carriers:
Master. Chief Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Off/ 1st Eng/ 2nd Eng/ 3rd Off/ Electrical Off
Chemical Tankers & Gas Carrier:
Master. Chief Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Off/ 1st Eng/ 2nd Eng/
3rd Off
Tel: +91-022-26515995/ 6415757

Exmar Shipmanagement India Pvt. Ltd
Cape Size Bulk Carriers:
Master/2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ Chief Eng/2nd Eng/ 3rd Eng/ 4th Eng
Electrical Officer
Tel: +91-022-22640226/ 27/ 28
Cargo Officers- 4 Nos
(Officers must have minimum 2 years experience on FSO/FPSO)
Safety Officers – 2 Nos
(Officers must be Second Officers with 3 years of Tanker experience and holding Class-3 certified)
Communication Officers- 2 Nos
(Officers must be Ex, Radio Officer)
Tel: +91-022-40432346

Fleet Management Ltd
Bulk Carrier/ Reefers/ Cellular Cointainer/ RORO Ship/ Chemical/ Gas/Product Tankers
Master, Chief Off/ 2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng/ 3rd Eng/ 4ht Eng/ Electrical Off/ Gas Eng/ Reefer Eng/ Chief Cook/ Pumpman/ Fitters
Tel: +91-022-67926100

Pentagon Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
Panama Flag/ Cargo Container Vessel:
C/O, 2/O Engineer Offs Holding MEO CL II, MEO CL IV with experience
Chemical Tankers
Master, C/E, C/O & 2/E
Junior Off & Electrical Off
Oil & Petro Chem Vessel
C/O, 2/O, 3/O, C/E, 2/E, 3/E, 4/E, E/O, Pumpman/ Chief Cook & Fitter
Tel: +91-022-22620094

Cenmar Maritime Agencies
2nd Off/ 2nd Eng (Urgent)
Master/ Chief Off/ 2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ Chief Eng/ 3rd Eng/ 4th Eng/ Electrical Off
Tel: +91-022-22022278/ 79

Safe & Sure Marine Services
Marine Superintendent
(Master Mariner)
Tel: +91-9967188886

Dynacom Tankers Management Limited
Master, Chief Off/ Chief Eng/ Ad. Chief Off /3rd Eng/ 2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ 4th Eng/ Electrical Off
Tel: 022-2834 7349/ 2834 7294

Crew Management Services (India) Pvt. Ltd
Chemical/ Aframax & Product Tankers
Master/ Chief Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng (with Petroleum + Chemical DCE)
Panamax Type Geared & Gearless Bulk Carriers & Mega Cointainers
Master/ C/O, 2/O, 3/O, C/E, 2/E, 3/E, 4/E, E/O
Mini Bulk Carriers
Master/ C/O, 2/O, Radio Off, C/E, 2/E, 3/E
Tel: +91-022-67041250/ 1251

Chellaram Shipping (Hongkong)
Chief Eng/ Chief Off/ 2nd Eng/ 3rd Eng/ Electrical Off
Tel: +91-022-22070035/ 66357345

Vigil Marine Services
Master/ Chief Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng/ Electrical Off/
Junior Eng
Naval Architects
VLCC/ Tankers (U.A.E)
Marine Superintendents
Shore Job in Mumbai
2nd Eng/ 3rd Eng
Golden Crown Shipping
C/O, 3/O, 3/E
Tel +91-022-6630 3909/ 10

World Tankers Management Pte Ltd
Oil Tankers
Chief Eng/ Chief Eng/ 3rd Off
Tel: +91-022-22842860

ASP Ship Management (I) Pvt. Ltd
Manager ( Safety, Quality & Training), Superintendent, Purchase Officer
Tel: +91-022-67041246

Orient Ship Management Pvt Ltd
Panamax Bulk Carriers
Master/ Chief Off/ 2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ 2nd Eng/ 3rd Eng/ 4th Eng/ Electrical Off
Plateform Supply Vessel
Chief Eng/ Electrical Off
Tel: +91 – 9322287363

Orient Express Ship Management
LNG Vessel
Chief Engineers
Container Vessels
Masters/ Chief Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng/ 2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ 4th Eng/ Electrical Offs
Tel: +91-022-67536200

Seahorse Ship Agencies
Reefer Vessel
Masters/ Chief Engineers
Large Size Container Vessel
Tel: +91- 022- 22691837

Ofer Ships Management India Pvt. Ltd
Container & Bulk Carriers
Masters, Chief Engs, Chief Offs,1st Asst Eng, 2nd Off, 2nd Asst Eng, 3rd Off, 3rd Asst Eng. Electrical Off
Tel: +91-022-67701461

Macadrian Shipping & Trading LLC
Oil Tankers/Gas Tankers /Bulk Carriers Containers Vsl
Master, C/O, 2/O, 3/O, C/E, 2/E, 3/E, 4/E, Bosun, AB, Motorman, GS, Deck Cadet, Engine Cadet

Oceana Mhatre Ship Management
For Cruise Liner Ship Merchant Navyat I.T.FCo
Electrician, Welder, Plumber, Messboy, Deck & Engine Cadets, Seaman, Oiler, Fitter, Cooks, Utility Boy, Steward, Cooks, Laundry Boy, Barker all categories
Tel: +91 93222 34394/
93239 24126

Nortrans Maritime Services
Master/ Chief Off/ Chief Eng
Panamax Bulk Carriers:
Masters/ Chief Off/ 2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ 4th Eng
Crew Boat:
Master/ Chief Eng
Drill Ships: :
Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng/ 3rd Eng ADPO/ Bosun/ AB/ OS/ Welder/ Ch. Mechanic/ Mechanic/ Radio Operator/ Ch. Electrician/ Electrician/ Medic/ Roustabout/ Derrickman/ Floorman/ Driller/ Asst. Driller/ Storekeeper/ Materialsman/ Crane Operator
Chief Off/ 2nd Off/ 3r Off, E/O, ETO
Tel:+91-022-26744447/ 48/ 49

K Line Ship Management Co. Ltd (Tokyo)
Large Container Vessel/ Aframax Tankers/ V.L.G.C’s/ VLCC Vessel
Master/ Chief Off/ Chief Eng/ 1st Eng/ 2nd Off/ 2nd Asst. Eng/ 3rd Off/ 3rd Asst. Eng/ Electrical Off/ Gas Eng
Tel: +91-022-26743922/ 23/ 24

Product & Aframax Tankers
Masters- 3 Nos (wages upto 9500 USD)
Chief Off- 2 Nos (Wages upto 6900 USD)
Bulk Carriers
Chief Off- 2 Nos (Wages upto 5400 USD)
Tel: +91-022-66950894

Ocean Bulk Carries
On Modern/ Geared/Handymax Bulk Carriers
All Ranks
Tel: +91-022-66776818

IMS Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
Oil/ Chemical Tankers
Masters/ Chief Off/ 2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng/ 3rd Eng/ 4th Eng/ ETO
Oil Tankers
Masters/ Chief Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng/ ETO
Tel: +91-022-22830415

IMC Shipping Company Pte. Ltd.
Chemical/Product Tankers/ VLCC
Masters/ Chief Off/ 2nd Off/ 3rd Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng/ 3rd Eng/ El. Off, Trainee El Off/ Pumpman/ TME (with valis US VISA)
Tel: +91-022-6691 0645/ 46/ 47/ 48

Barber Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd
Increasing LPG/ Tanker Fleet/ Container/PCC/Bulk/Self Unloaders/ RO RO
Masters/ Chief Off/ Chief Eng/ 2nd Eng/ 2nd Off/ 3rd Eng/ 3rd Off/ Electrical Off
Tel: +91-022-30882750

V Ships
All Ranks
Chemical Tankers
All Ranks (New Yard Building)
Bulk Carriers
2nd Eng & 3rd Eng
Tel: +91-022-40013300/ 3393

Univan Ship Management Ltd
Master, Chief Engineer, Electrical Officer
Suezmax Crude Oil Tankers
Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer
Bulk Carriers
Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Officer, Electrical Officer (With Crane Experience)
Chemical Tankers
Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, 4th Engineer, Electrical Officer
Tel: +91-022-66888000

Ishima International Ship Management
Oil/Chemical Tankers
Deck & Engine Officers & Ratings
(With valid U.S VISA)
Tel: +91-022-65860880

d’Amico Ships (India) Pvt. Ltd
Product & Chemical
Chief Off, 2nd Off, 3rd Off, Chief Eng, 2nd Eng & Electrical Off
Bulk Carrier
Master, Chief Off, 2nd Off, 3rd Off, Chief Eng, 2nd Eng, 3rd Eng & Electrical Off
Product & Chemical
Chief Off, 2nd Off, 3rd Off, Chief Eng, 2nd Eng & Electrical Off
Container Carrier
Chief Off, 2nd Off, 3rd Off, Chief Eng, 2nd Eng, 3rd Eng & Electrical Off
Tel: +91-022-4037 2222/ 2823 4990

International Andromeda Shipping
Chief Engineer
Tel: +91-22-26845850/80/48/68

BW Shipping Managers Pte. Ltd
2nd Off, 2nd Eng (Steam) 2nd Eng (Motor), 3rd Eng (Steam) & 3rd Eng (Motor)/ Crane Operator

For VLCC & Aframax Tankers
Masters, Chief Eng, Chief Off, 2nd Eng, Electrical Off, 3rd Eng & 2nd Off
Tel: +91-22-22651743/ 98

Albatross Marine Services
For Offshore Supply Vessel
Masters, Chief Off, NWKO, Radio Officer, Chief Eng, 2nd Eng, 3rd Eng, Electrical Off, Electricain, Bosun, Fitter, Oiler, Seaman, Cook, GS
For DP Vessel under repair in Gulf
Masters, Chief Off, DPO, Chief Eng, 2nd Eng, Electrical Off, Bosun, Fitter, Oiler, Seaman

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